BHH Studio, LLC

Solutions for Web, 3D Animation and Video


BHH Studio, LLC is a Veteran-Owned Small Business located in beautiful Haymarket, Virginia USA.
We bring together a virtual team of seasoned professionals in Design, Animation, Video Production, and Web Development.

Our work has been part of successful projects since 1999, doing everything from animated children’s books, to orbital mechanics visualizations of satellite systems. We have worked on independent films, and been working behind the scenes on broadcast television series, corporate and government videos and websites.

With an endless enthusiasm for our work, we all hold down regular day jobs, and work BHH Studio as our side gig. A place where we don’t see it as a mere source of income, but more of a way to spread our wings, be creative, test and experiment with the lastest technologies and design trends, and push ourselves to do our best work.
We charge enough to cover our costs, and hopefully make enough to pay for our software and equipment. But our overhead is low, and our enthusiasm is high. And there is nothing we enjoy more than helping faith-based organizations and small businesses who are making a difference in the world.

Please Contact Us and let us know how we can help you.