Our Web Projects

The following web project samples highlight some of our past successes. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your next web project.

Animations for a Web Development Company

Customer Goals: In the examples below, our customer wanted to create an interesting, children's school themed way to play online video. In the second example, they needed water splashing, blowing leaves and flying snowflakes.


Our Solutions: BHH Studio created a custom 3D school room with an animated projector. We used a combination of 3D modeling, video compositing, and Flash authoring to make this animation work within their web site. In the second example, we provided animated Flash effects which they incorporated into a final web page header.

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Appleby & Associates


Customer Goals: Appleby & Associates needed a simple business brochure web site to be the online face of the company with links to extensive affiliates, clients, and online videos.


Our Solutions: Provided web site design, programming, and webmaster services.